Off–The–Mat–Yoga Level 1A for Yoga Lovers

     Bandhas, Blocks &   
Bones For Yoga Lovers
           (All Levels)
    October 11 , 2015
     3pm to 8pm


                  “Use Body Intelligence For Dynamic Alignment & Flexible Strength”

Dear Yoga Lovers,

In this workshop, discover how to strengthen your bandhas and core muscles, using a block in a way that connects you to your support and bones. Learn to prevent unnecessary muscle tension often associated with practicing the bandhas and yet get more core strengthening in the process.

Whatever the workshop topic, Alexander Technique based Yoga helps you:

          * Discover the daily habits that interfere with your best yoga

          * Develop your sensory awareness to better perceive and release tension

          * Bring more freedom to the relationship between the head, neck and torso

          * Relieve joints compression to enjoy more ease in all your activities

          * Tap into your body-wisdom by learning to activate your postural mechanism

Enjoy the natural ease of integrated movements that emerges when you undo the unconscious tension created by the daily habits you bring to the yoga mat. Feel empowered when you experience a way to balance steadiness and comfort instantly as described by Patanjali: sthira-sukham-asanam!

                                   When? Sunday October 11, 2015 from 3pm to 5pm

                          Where? BROOKLINE VILLAGE, 33 A Harvard Street                                

Fee? $60 (Get $10 back each for coming with a friend)

                                         Registration Below Required-Spaces Limited

                                        For more specific questions, call Cecile Raynor

                                                              (617) 359-7841

Cecile Raynor