Off-The-Mat Yoga presents:

Mastermind for Committed Yoga Teachers
with a Vision

Hi There,
Welcome! I am so glad you are choosing to explore this Mastermind. It shows your interest and dedication to bringing the best to yourself and your students!
I promise you that joining this intimate group as you discover this groundbreaking dimension can enrich you personally, enhance your teaching and serve your students in a deeply impactful way!
Below is a detailed account of what the Body Synergy Lab Basic Option includes as well as the definition of a Mastermind ,
As a Movement Expert, I am looking forward to facilitating this group of motivated teachers and be part of this common journey. I know you will all gain fundamental skills to benefit from, on and off the mat!
You will also grow towards your personal and professional goals in a way that tends to be difficult to reach on your own if even possible ! I am a living prof of this as I would not be where I am today without having joined a mastermind myself.
Cecile Raynor

P.S. Lab hours count for Yoga Alliance Continuing Ed Credit (CEC)
P.P.S: Cost is a tax deductable professional expense.


Elevate Your Teaching - Deepen Your Impact

On & Off the Mat

With Breakthrough Skill & Accountability Support to Reach your Inner Goals!




I. Summary


Everyone knows that changing habits does not happen overnight. Also, this work is more about undoing habits than adding new ones so it is not a usual process, You end up feeling lighter as time goes, and you can feel that from the start. However to integrate these changes, one year commitment is necessary.

* Discover how postural habits OFF the mat affect your practice ON the mat

* Help Students Unravel How these Habits Interfere with their Best Yoga

* Enhance your Assisting Skill by Deepening your Sensory Perception

* Prevent Joint Compression, Body Stiffness & Reduce the Risk of Injury

* Gain Freedom in your Head/Neck & Torso relationship & how it relates to the rest of you.

* Experience Mind/Body Integration as a tool for Stress Management

Based on the Alexander Technique, the Best Kept Secret of famous performers and Olympic athletes, this work can help you as a teacher to excel at guiding your students with optimal safety even during highest performance. It also promotes effortless and therefore sustainable "good posture" off the mat as displayed by children.

This way of working is not a new type of yoga, it is a fundamental addition to your tool kit. As you embrace this new modality, you will stand out in the increasing number of yoga teachers and attract students who are looking for high-end teachers.


It keeps you in tune with the innate intelligence and guidance of the whole body regardless of which body part you are working on. Whether you are into gentle yoga, power yoga or hot yoga, you will find it adds an indispensable dimension, which prevents hurting one part of your body unknowingly while focusing on another as it is commonly done.

II. Monthly 4 Hours Gathering

This is typically a once a month meeting and includes 3 hours of teamwork (Part A below) and one hour of brainstorming together (Part B below) to help one of the group with her/his challenges, concerns or celebration regarding goals set at the beginning of the mastermind journey.

Part A. Yoga Poses Revisited

This includes 3 hours of group work during which we serve and support each other sharing our individual experience and skills with Yoga practice or teaching, Alexander Technique, and how these two modalities can work together:

1) to get the best out of your yoga asanas and the best out of Yoga,

2) to prevent the risk of injury on and off the mat

3) to make an impact on the evolution of Asanas teaching, now and for future generations.

We will cover a variety of different yoga poses and explore the different dimensions of the Alexander Technique. We will address how to integrate this teaching and learning by revisiting the way we think and talk about the poses, and how that affects the way we perform them. As a result, each gathering will always include some of these topics:

- Alexander Technique Principles and their application to Asanas and Daily Movements

- The Language of Teaching and how to increase the Efficiency of Verbal Guidance.

- The Anatomy of Movement from a Kinesthetic Perspective with Movement Exploration

- Hands-On Guidance to allow you to develop Stronger Sensory Perception

- Constructive Rest or Position of Mechanical Advantage

- Conquer Habits with the practice of Alexander Inhibition

- The importance of adapting Drishti to the movement of the moment

- Primary Control, Vocal Fatigue and Body Burn Out

- The Alexander Technique as a support to better handle the stress of life and to be increasingly accountable to your private self, often last on the priority list

- Active group participation and support is expected from all participants as we share the impact this work has on our practice and our life

(You will receive a more complete and specific schedule at the beginning of the journey).


Part B. Individual Safe-Space Support for Personal and Career Goals

As yoga practitioners and teachers, learning and growing together while discovering this new groundbreaking modality is an exciting journey. Yet like in any new adventure, there may be times where you feel challenged and in need of special support. This monthly one hour meeting is a wonderful opportunity to recharge and reset in the presence of like-minded traveling partners. When there is no pressing issue, it is also an opportunity to assess where you are with your personal and professional goals and what is your next step.

Whether what comes up for you is personal or career related, the group is there for you daily on the private facebook group, and monthly when we meet in person. Be prepared to experience one of the most powerful experience you ever had as you benefit from having a group of caring individuals joini forces to serve and support you, sometimes respectfully challenge you, in whatever way you need personally or professionally which are of course very inter-related.

There will be a schedule as to who will be the recipient of the group support for each specific month. Everyone receiving such support from the group will prepare in advance a form that states what is the nature of the support needed and what is the ideal outcome they could receive from this special joining of experience, skills, compassion, resourcefulness of this group of yoga teachers.

One member will volunteer to act as a coach and meet with the presenter beforehand to help make sure the request is doable in one hour and can be stated with clarity. The facilitator of the group will give some basic instructions at the beginning of each session as to the spirit in which these meetings are conducted so that they benefit not only the presenter but everyone in the group. And that is the beauty of it all, no matter who is giving or receiving help, we all benefit from the safe-space support sessions.


III. Private Facebook Group

This is where you can communicate with fellow masterminders about challenges or exciting breakthrough. This is where you process and celebrate together till the next meeting. This is also where you can communicate with me in between meetings if you are not part of a plan that meets weekly. Once committed to this group, you can stay on it past your membership as long as I offer Masterminds for Yoga teachers.


IV. Resources: Videos and E-Books

A number of videos relating to Alexander based Yoga from my personal collection will be posted as well as E-Books on a variety of topics such as:

- Constructive Rest benefits

- Alexander Tips for specific Yoga Poses

- Mindful Movements for Poise and Health

- Core Strengthening, Stability and Low Back Pain

- Yoga Body/Daily Body and Sensory Perception

- The Connection between Vision/Posture and Drishti

- The Top 5 Myths about "Good Posture"

- Muscle Engaging, Bone Strength and Dynamic Alignment

- The Pillars of the Accountable Yogi


V. Logistics

Part A. Absences and Make-Ups

To receive full credit towards the Certificate of Completion at any option level, each missed group hour can be made up with a paid 30 minute private session to be scheduled rightaway to stay on track with the group. Being late to the meeting will count and be handled as missed time.

This certificate does not give you permission to teach the Alexander Technique per se. It helps you and your students benefit from Alexander Technique principles thanks to your acquired experience within your own yoga practice combined with your experience with guest students during the mastermind timeframe.


Part B. Application Fee

The $50 application fee is totally refundable if you are not accepted in the Mastermind. It goes towards your payment if you are accepted. When the fee is paid, you receive an email with a link to the application form which must be filled out and submitted within a day. It is very basic information about yourself helping me know how well you would fit in with the group. My hope is to have members with different skills and experiences to bring to the table.

If you are on the fence about applying or not, or which plan to choose, I am happy to schedule a phone consult with you to help you figure out if you are ready or not to invest in yourself and your business through this Mastermind.


Part C. Starting Date

This Mastermind is designed to start Saturday April 23, 2016, Specific day may be modified if necessary with input from participants. Currently taking new applications. Access to some of the resources as soon as you are accepted.


Part D. Basic Option Fee

The fee for First Launch is $198 per month or $2000 for one payment ($298/$3000 after that) and includes lots of value for that fee! In fact it will include value associated with level 2 or 3 such as guest speakers and guest students plus a possible Cape weekend to practice in a different environment with various activities. Date to be determined with the group upon starting the mastermind.