Off-The-Mat Yoga presents:

Hi There,
Welcome! I am so glad you are choosing to explore this Skype opportunity to learn and grow into more integrative movements for increased mind/body comfort.
It shows your interest and dedication to bringing the best to yourself for now and years to come !
Discovering this foundational posture practice can support you in a deeply impactful way on and off the mat!
Below is a description of what it includes.
As a Movement Expert, I am looking forward to working with you!
Cecile Raynor

P.S: Cost is tax deductable as a professional expense.

Option 1 : 3 Months Package for $ 2000
   * Discover 5 Unconscious Habits that create muscle and joint tension.
   *  Learn a 3-Step Sequence to deprogram your unconscious habits.
   *  Experience “Active Resting” which releases excess tension and rebalances your muscle tone and nervous system.
   * Activate your Postural Mechanism on demand and experience improved balance, coordination, and posture.
   * Deprogram and rebuild your Cuing Language for Integrated Poses or Movements.
 This package  includes:
1) 1 hour Deep Dive: Take me in your work or home environment for immediate feedback on habits that do not serve you and modifications to help you be free of these habits.
2) 9 hours (nine regular one-hour sessions) of online private, interactive, one-on-one sessions to give you personal feedback on your personal and professional body challenges.
3) 10 Recordings: Each session is recorded and sent to you so you can benefit from the work done in your private session as often as you want to.
4)Expanded Mindfulness Handouts to track down the steps of your journey:
* Active Resting Chart: to support you on developing this amazingly transformative habit.
* Observation Sheet: for insights and challenges between our private sessions.
* Homework Assignment Sheet: to help you process new discoveries and ways of being
* Focus of the Week Sheet: to keep track of highlighted points during our sessions.
5) Access to privately email Cecile any questions, inquiries, or progress between sessions.
BONUS #1: Constructive Rest Audio - This 20 minutes guided practice improves your posture, releases your muscles, fascia, and joints while rebalancing your muscle tone and nervous system. You will be given more personal feedback about this practice when we work together.

BONUS #2: Guided Sitting Meditation Audio  - This 5 minutes guided practice is ideal as a break from computer work to reboot posture, undo muscle tension and soothe your nervous system. It also is the base instructions for a longer seated meditation.

BONUS #3: 6-part Email Seminar: How to Unlearn Habits Creating Body Stiffness On & Off the Mat.
BONUS #4: E-Book on "How to reclaim Organic Sustainable Good Posture?" which includes the "Top 5 Myths about "Good Posture, Debunked" and "Tips for Effortless Posture during Meditation Practice".
BONUS #5: 3 Video-Trainings on : “The 3 Common Oversights That Create Muscles & Joints Straining”. These videos reveal the impact your daily body has on your specific activities (playing an instrument, running, yoga…) and they expand your awareness and give you tips to use yourself optimally so as to enjoy a strain-free body at all time.